ASPIRE in Math Wiki

Welcome and Introduction[edit]

Welcome to the ASPPMIRE Wiki-Text Home Page

ASPPMIRE is an NSF-funded project that is developing an inquiry-based modular transition to proof course. One of the resources we are developing is a Wiki-Text - an editable textbook shell that teachers and their students can construct and edit as they work through the curriculum.

Prover's Handbook[edit]

The Prover's Handbook is a part of the WikiText that is shared by all of the courses. You can go directly to it here:

Link to Prover's Handbook

Problem Bank[edit]

The ASPIRE in Math Problem Bank is a collection of problems that can be used for homework, quizzes, and exams.

Click [Link to Problem Bank] for access to this collection.

Wiki How-to[edit]

Click [Link to Wiki How-to] for a helpful guide to creating and editing your own wiki page.